SILVER CORD CINEMA (Lighting/ Art Director | @silver_cord_cinema):

BobFest Art Director and cofounder of Nashville Psych Alliance, Silver Cord Cinema is known for fully-analog liquid light projections and finds joy in the crafty nature of a hand made production. In true NPA fashion, promotion of the community is where success lies. Silver Cord Cinema is thrilled to host Austin, Texas light benders Astral Violet and ACID Light Show on BobFest’s Treehouse Stage, as well as local projectionist Window Light Show on the Grove Stage!

BB FOU FOU (Art Director Assistant /Shrine Artist | @bbfoufou):

BBFOUFOU finds the way in a slim chance. NYC fashion design studies lead to vibe’n ATX and now in Nashville, TN BBFOUFOU has followed the visual arts down a rabbit hole meeting music along the way. The climb back up has become curiouser with the creation of hauntingly romantic and trippy tunes. The curiosity of what sound looks like has sent BBFOUFOU on an adventure to uncover the cinematic sweet spot of music and visual arts leading to the exploration of animation, film, and visual projection.


Window Light Show (Grove Stage Visuals | @window_light_show)

Window Light is a psychedelic projection light show based in Nashville, TN. Founded by Spike Toppa, Window Light consists of a revolving cast of members. The projection style ranges from classic old school liquid and moire techniques to video mixing and manipulating with lots of shapes colors and feedback!

ACID LIGHT SHOW (Treehouse Stage Visuals | @acidlightshow)

Astral Violet makes the journey to BobFest from Austin, TX. Specializing in VHsynthesis, Astral Violet’s analog video art light show has become widely known for performances at Desert Daze, Levitation, and on tour with The Mad Alchemist Liquid Lite Show. ACID Light Show has run the same course with psychedelic analog liquid light and experimental video art providing an immersive experience for the audience.