Still partyin’.....with a purpose          

The driving force behind BobFest is the expansion and bringing together of community. What you may not yet know is the level of purpose-driven awareness that’s been worked into the foundation, which we’re pumped to share with you next weekend, alongside and throughout the rest of the weekend’s festivities.

From the locally-sourced meats to the vegan catering that will be offered, as our food vendors, Passion Root and Amr Ali, mindfully and resourcefully prepare and serve meals and snacks for the masses.

To the way that SO dang much wood, plastic and more has been recycled and reused for signs and an expansive variety of other BobFest-based projects.

Did we mention that we’ll be handing out some super sweet reusable BobFest logo-laden cups with ticket purchases, which will cut down on waste? No? Not yet. Cool, now ya know! :)

Not to mention the local artists, vendors and organizations that we’re teaming up with to increase the levels of community and the ability for us to support each other, from shirts and shrines to sculptures and sponsorships.

The degree of mindfulness and attention to detail that we’ve put into this fest is something that we are humbly proud to promote. It hasn’t been easy but it’s definitely worth it. To be able to make moves toward being the example that, just because we like to get down doesn’t mean that we have to crap all over Momma Earth. Or each other. (sidenote: please don’t crap on each other, we will still have port-o-potties on site. You’re welcome.)

Stay tuned as we make this last turn to the final stretch leading up to BobFest. September 28-29th in Adams, TN. Tickets are still available for purchase. See ya there!

Meet Our Crew!

Bobfest is the product of Nashville’s finest creative individuals coming together to put on a two-day event full of art, music, and creativity. With the goal to organize a communal space for Nashville’s visionary artists to collaborate and support on another. The mission statement of the Nashville psych alliance, Cold lunch recordings, and BOBfest is the desire to create a shared celebratory space for the goal of raising our collective awareness to the betterment of our community and ultimately our futures through art and good times. Now let's get to know the people who make this possible.  

Cold Lunch Recordings

Cold Lunch Recordings began as the brainchild of Caroline Bowman and Gary Branigan, with the goal to combine their two favorite things; throwing parties and good music. With the help of a local musician, Taylor Jones, they have helped create an environment for a community of insane talent and creativity to flourish. Striving to further Nashville, not just as an up and coming rock city, but as America’s #1 growing music scene showcasing diverse sounds as well as unique aesthetics. This is further cemented by their mission statement, all around weirdness. They achieve this by putting on an influx of out of the box live shows, as well as promoting bands through a number of different and bizarre ways that create a completely individual aesthetic to their catalog. Whether it’s Spewfest, a vomit themed festival highlighting their favorite artists as well as their favorite crispy boys, or their eccentric meme-themed buttons, or even their signature cassette box displaying all their Cold Lunch original records at every showcase. I’ve had the pleasure of learning from these eccentric characters for the past few months and every day I’m impressed by their inspirational drive for creativity and desire to be different, and that’s what makes their shows such a unique and unforgettable experience.  All around Cold Lunch brings an overwhelmingly original as well as an oddball approach to their craft that creates an unrepeatable community of kooky people and great times.

Nashville Psych Alliance

At first glance, Nashville Psych Alliance would give the impression of a communal place for people to take an abundant amount of psychedelics, however, upon further research, the Nashville Psych Alliance is much more than that. Founded by John Condit with the help of Nashville’s psych power couple, Trent and Anna Houghton, they created a hub for the local psychedelic music and artistic community. Uniting the local music lovers, weirdos, freaks, and Psychonauts through a social utility to empower and endow such a rich community of artists. For instance, take founder Anna Houghton’s signature lighting company Silver Chord, their goal with every show is to melt faces and create an artistically immersive experience for the local psych community. On the other hand, joining a local music scene can be a difficult task if you don't know the right people. Luckily, Trent, head of booking and promotion, and Anna, art director, came to that realization and wanted to create a communal space for anyone to visit and learn about local events, bands, and happenings in Nashville. Their work formed a harmonious, relational, community that sparked a unique and artistic association of artist, consumers, and irregular human beings.

Jump To It Productions

The first time I met Sam Jump she played my favorite Soccer Mommy song and I instantly knew that we would get along swimmingly. Working with Sam at Cold Lunch shows I saw her passion and desire to get shit done and always admired her work ethic, but I never knew exactly what her role was (besides a badass). I had the wonderful opportunity to learn about her many talents and how she's changing the Nashville music scene. A self-proclaimed multi-hyphenate she has dipped her toes in a variety of projects here in Nashville, from event creation, management, and production to individualized alignment coaching, helping artists and business get their start in this ever-changing music scene. Sam strides to bring the community together and showing people that Nashville is more than just country music, it’s a collection of like-minded and talented individuals filled with ideas and passions that can help the society flourish. That’s what Bobfest is all about, showcasing the expertise of the expansive web of communities that make up Nashville. 

Allen Ralph

Besides having two first name Allen Ralph is an enigmatic man of many mysteries and talents. The offspring of the original BOB whom Bobfest was named after, he has combined his passion for Nashville music scene and the endless possibilities of his childhood backyard to bring us Bobfest. You may recognize him from one of Nashville’s finest blues rock bands, The Ragcoats, on guitar and drums. But Allen is more than just a musician, he’s a connoisseur for the Nashville music scene, constantly supporting other artists and trying to bring awareness to the many talented people in Nashville. Hence his role in starting Bobfest, trying to bring together a city of music weirdos into his own childhood backyard to party and rock!

Meet Some Of Our Vendors

Get to know some of the incredible vendors who will be hanging out at BobFest!

Cosmic Connections - Nashville

Your parents always told you to eat your broccoli so you could grow up big and strong.
But what do you do when your spirit feels week? How do you give your soul the balance it needs to keep you on the focused path to happiness?
All those questions and more can be answered at Cosmic Connections.

Cosmic Connections is a naturalistic, holistic and metaphysical resource shop based out of Nashville, Tennessee. From tarot card readings to get a glimpse into your future, aura photography to get a glimpse into the power of the energy you carry, and even help you communicate with your furry friends!
With a strong minded and diverse staff, Cosmic Connections is sure to help you find
alignment, focus, and peace in your spiritual life.
BobFest is very excited to have them join us at the farm for the weekend to provide our
campers with a wonderful selection of healing crystals, oils, incense and more! Visit their tent
for some spiritual rejuvenation.


What is BobFest??

Bob Marley Fest? Bob Dylan Fest? Who the flip is Bob?? And what is BobFest?! 

BobFest originated around the idea of expanding community, building friendships and crafting that good family vibe among the creatives that surround us. 

With the support of The Ragcoats' Allen Ralph, and his amazing dad, Bob (!!!), we've been gifted the space in nearby Adams, TN to make it happen. And with the dedication, hard work and focus of the communities within and around Cold Lunch Recordings and Nashville Psych Alliance, it's being brought to life in a big way! 

With 40 bands on the bill over the course of a 2-day/2-night outdoor adventure along the Red River, which will include food, drink and art vendors as well as plenty of camping accommodations, it's definitely meant to be one for the books. And we couldn't be more pumped to share the lineup with you all! 

So get ready to share this experience with your fellow community members like never before. In a mighty history-creating way, on September 28th and 29th. And make your way to the website to snag your ticket now:  (

As always, thank you for all of your support!

Much love, guys!
Team BobFest