What is BobFest??

Bob Marley Fest? Bob Dylan Fest? Who the flip is Bob?? And what is BobFest?! 

BobFest originated around the idea of expanding community, building friendships and crafting that good family vibe among the creatives that surround us. 

With the support of The Ragcoats' Allen Ralph, and his amazing dad, Bob (!!!), we've been gifted the space in nearby Adams, TN to make it happen. And with the dedication, hard work and focus of the communities within and around Cold Lunch Recordings and Nashville Psych Alliance, it's being brought to life in a big way! 

With 40 bands on the bill over the course of a 2-day/2-night outdoor adventure along the Red River, which will include food, drink and art vendors as well as plenty of camping accommodations, it's definitely meant to be one for the books. And we couldn't be more pumped to share the lineup with you all! 

So get ready to share this experience with your fellow community members like never before. In a mighty history-creating way, on September 28th and 29th. And make your way to the website to snag your ticket now:  (https://www.the-bobfest.com/tickets/)

As always, thank you for all of your support!

Much love, guys!
Team BobFest