Still partyin’.....with a purpose          

The driving force behind BobFest is the expansion and bringing together of community. What you may not yet know is the level of purpose-driven awareness that’s been worked into the foundation, which we’re pumped to share with you next weekend, alongside and throughout the rest of the weekend’s festivities.

From the locally-sourced meats to the vegan catering that will be offered, as our food vendors, Passion Root and Amr Ali, mindfully and resourcefully prepare and serve meals and snacks for the masses.

To the way that SO dang much wood, plastic and more has been recycled and reused for signs and an expansive variety of other BobFest-based projects.

Did we mention that we’ll be handing out some super sweet reusable BobFest logo-laden cups with ticket purchases, which will cut down on waste? No? Not yet. Cool, now ya know! :)

Not to mention the local artists, vendors and organizations that we’re teaming up with to increase the levels of community and the ability for us to support each other, from shirts and shrines to sculptures and sponsorships.

The degree of mindfulness and attention to detail that we’ve put into this fest is something that we are humbly proud to promote. It hasn’t been easy but it’s definitely worth it. To be able to make moves toward being the example that, just because we like to get down doesn’t mean that we have to crap all over Momma Earth. Or each other. (sidenote: please don’t crap on each other, we will still have port-o-potties on site. You’re welcome.)

Stay tuned as we make this last turn to the final stretch leading up to BobFest. September 28-29th in Adams, TN. Tickets are still available for purchase. See ya there!