Meet Some Of Our Vendors

Get to know some of the incredible vendors who will be hanging out at BobFest!

Cosmic Connections - Nashville

Your parents always told you to eat your broccoli so you could grow up big and strong.
But what do you do when your spirit feels week? How do you give your soul the balance it needs to keep you on the focused path to happiness?
All those questions and more can be answered at Cosmic Connections.

Cosmic Connections is a naturalistic, holistic and metaphysical resource shop based out of Nashville, Tennessee. From tarot card readings to get a glimpse into your future, aura photography to get a glimpse into the power of the energy you carry, and even help you communicate with your furry friends!
With a strong minded and diverse staff, Cosmic Connections is sure to help you find
alignment, focus, and peace in your spiritual life.
BobFest is very excited to have them join us at the farm for the weekend to provide our
campers with a wonderful selection of healing crystals, oils, incense and more! Visit their tent
for some spiritual rejuvenation.