the smoke stack:

Being a long-time fan and follower of Nashville Psych Alliance among many other community-based organizations and having the opportunity of joining in the organization, planning, and the rolling out of this Festival is something Amr Ali did not want to pass up. He’ll be cooking up locally-sourced smoked meat tacos (including breakfast tacos!), directly from the built-on-site smoker. These recipes are truly community-inspired, and he knows how much people love their slow burn meats in the south....and is here to bring em to BobFest!


Passion root deli:

Passion Root is the collective energy of two local, plant-based punk rock chicas, Allison Osborne and Carolyn Miller. Passion Root has brought vegan, gluten free and even soy free noms to several music and art events around good ol' Nashville. Through an unwavering appreciation of humans, connection and vegetables they bring with them to Bobfest food that will warm the soul, tickle the tongue and keep your body in a happy and healthy state! With so many ideas and projects in the works to include food forests, vegan brunches and vegan fermented cheezez there is no shortage of conversations to be had. Go find them, hug them and let them feed you!



"Local businesses are the heartbeat of your neighborhood, the spine of your local economy, and the spirit of your town."

DillDogs originally got their start from wanting to do an all pickle themed booth at a fair as only an idea, which quickly turned into something bigger, that we plan to continue to work towards for years to come! The owner is originally from Chattanooga, Tn where he has always been a huge fan of culinary experimenting and had a love at first sight relationship with anything pickle flavored. He moved to Nashville about 5 years ago and has worked at various bars and restaurants in the downtown Nashville area ever since.

Dill Dogs (1).png