Nashville’s one-stop metaphysical shop since 2002!  Their crystal and stone collection is one of the best around! Beautiful jewelry, singing bowls, incense, books, tarot cards and great gifts, with amazing psychics, shamans and energy workers available daily.

Jeff Crawford:

Jeff utilizes tarot cards to tap into the spiritual realm and to bring forth messages, predictions and guidance. Using Reconnective Healing®, he works with Energy, Light, and Information to bring clients into a state of wellness and balance. He is a recognized member of the Shipibo-Conibo tribe of the Amazon rainforest.

FRIDAY Sept 28:

$35: 20 minute Tarot/Numerology Readings

$35: 20 minute Healing Sessions

Melissa Morgan:

During a crystal reading with Melissa, clients will set intentions for their life and then learn how to manifest those intentions. Thought patterns will be brought to light and the clearing of energetic blockages. Stones and tones sessions include both crystal and sound healing to balance the etheric and physical bodies bringing alignment. She offers consulting to discover the best stones and healing modalities for each client.

15 min /$25

30 min/$50

60 min/$100

Alli Watts:

Alli’s work is describes as highly energetic and is often described as magical. Licensed massage therapist for over 18 years, she has been trained in the integration of swedish, deep tissue, craniosacral, trigger point/acupressure, and reflexology. Alli will be offering foot reflexology and reiki.

15 min/$20

30 min/$40

60 min/$80


Seemi Rizvi is an intuitive creative using henna designs to reflect your personal spiritual energy. Natural henna and essential oils stain the skin with intricate designs for up to two weeks.


“As creative homesteaders we aim to make simpler living and a more natural lifestyle available to city slickers too. We offer re-wilding, primitive camping on our land as well as foraging and identification walks. We believe strongly that to make an impact on the world you must first take care of your tribe so they may do the same. The South is our tribe and simple, regional medicine is our offering.

Everything we make is inspired by the beauty around us and made using botanicals native to Tennessee. All of our products are ethically harvested by us and our little one and minimally packaged using recycled glass & labels. While we do sell candles, medicinal bath soaks, tinctures, tonics, remedies, and CBD oil most of what we make is with the intention of being self reliant. It is important to us that each ingredient that goes into each product is organic, pure, regional & seasonal. We have found our favorite way to ensure so is by ethically harvesting and infusing wild crafted botanicals. That makes all of our products full spectrum and extremely powerful. We do not just blend ingredients, we make the ingredients or we don’t make it at all.”


Vapexhale is the creator of the High Time’s #1 Desktop Vaporizer, the EVO. Our mission is to provide delicious, pure and potent vapor to all who enjoy the therapeutic benefits that herbs have to offer.


Far Our Nashville is an annual psychedelic happening benefitting the The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies. Learn more about MAPS’ scientific research and medicinal therapies at the Vapexhale tent.


Gluestick Collective is a group of Nashville artists working together to create an inclusive art scene in our neighborhood. We promote unique visual artists, release experimental music, and curate interesting events.


Lunam Adora started in 2015 shortly after moving to Nashville. Through hardship, Lunam Adora found pyrography as a form of meditation and creative therapy.


Jenna Denuys creates very metal handmade treasures.


Yoga instructor at Steadfast and True Yoga and massage therapist, Heather Allaman provides healing through chair massage.


“I finally figured out how to cut the puppet strings from my easily controlled body...”

Everyone needs a safe place to explore their humanity and Violet Guide's purpose is to open that door for others, helping them cross through past environments to discover the fullness of their own intuition and higher power.

Violet Guide has experience working as an ordained minister, serving the church for a decade by working with trafficked and sexually exploited girls and women on the streets and in recovery homes. She has led ministry and healing teams, teaching individuals how to hear, see and connect with their visions and heal deep-rooted trauma but she knew she needed to find a way for all of humanity to have access to healing without the ties of religion as an influence... so she left to find her truth path in search for answers that included all of humanity.